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AutoSoft Journal's 2016 Impact Factor is 0.644 - an 82% improvement. We thank all our authors for their quality contributions. Editor-in-chief, Mo Jamshidi

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AutoSoft Journal Aims and Scope

Instructions for Contributors

The journal will consider two types of papers: articles and short papers. Articles will be full-length papers (between 9-16 pages in length) reporting original contributions or significant results. Short papers (between 5-8 pages in length) present new ideas, preliminary and brief results. Papers emphasizing applications are especially welcome.

All articles should be in good English in order to ensure quick processing of papers. Authors whose first language is not English are advised to seek advice from colleagues with a high level of written English. In cases where this is not possible authors are advised to use translational services.

To facilitate communication, the address, phone number, fax number, and email address of the corresponding author should be given at the time of paper submission. Papers should be written in English and arranged in the following order:
1) title of the paper
2) name of all authors with affiliations and mailing address for each author. Authors are encouraged to include an ORCiD
3) an abstract (50-100 words) containing the purpose, scope, contribution of the paper
4) up to 10 keywords with the first keyword being the most pertinent one
5) introduction
6) main body of the paper divided into sections and subsections where appropriate
7) conclusion
8) references
9) appendices (if any).

Submitted papers should be prepared electronically in Microsoft Word® format using a Roman typeface for your manuscript whenever possible (i.e., Times or Times Roman). All paragraphs in the manuscript should be double spaced and typed flush with the left. Do not indent paragraphs, but allow extra space between them. Italicize words to be printed in italics and bold words to be printed in bold.

Both equations and figures must be numbered sequentially using Arabic numerals. Captions for figures should be in sentence format with the format with the first word capitalized and a period at the end. Please provide a separate list (separate from the text) of all captions. Equations should be numbered sequentially with the number enclosed in parenthesis and placed at the right margin.

The journal now follows the Taylor & Francis standard APA referencing style. Please click here for full instructions

The paper should be uploaded on this website by logging in as an author.